Non-toxic eco-friendly coating

- No biocides, no heavy metals

(CORI report ME3081/ES7531)

- Good water penetration ability


- Easy-to-clean coating


- Excellent mechanical properties


- Fuel consumption and CO2 emission reduction

- Longer service time = lower maintenance costs

- Type approval certified by Bureau Veritas

(IAFS 30347/A0 BV)


Think green mentality

Water pollution by antifouling paint has been a severe issue for the marine environment for decades with significant negative impacts on aquatic life all over the world. Fouling of ship hulls by hard and soft marine organisms (algae, barnacles,etc.) remains a major issue as it significantly increases the drag and therefore increases the fuel consumption, the CO2 emissions and footprint of sea transportation. Governements and the industry spend more than USD 5.7 billion annually to prevent and control marine biofouling.

Innovative product development

LioCyl FRPS is based on a different working principle than the usual solutions present on the market. It reduces the adhesion strenght of marine organisms because the surface morphology is modified at nano scale. This is possible thanks to a synergistic effect between silicone and industrial multi-wallcarbon nanotubes in the paint. It is therefore considered a versatile eco-friendly

easy-to-clean coating.